• More about me

  • More about me

    I am an Italian embedded software engineer, with a passion for electronics and robotics. I spend my time between Milan, New York and Hong Kong. These are some of my projects.

    • 2017: I started my first entrepreneurial venture, Pluteus S.r.l.s, a Milan based startup aimed at facilitating sharing objects between students, lowering the cost of ownership.

    • 2018: I co-founded Sparthan, an Open Source project between HKUST and U.C. Berkeley, with the goal to provide affordable and functional 3D printed prosthetic hands for children.

    • 2019: I completed my master degree at U.C. Berkeley, focusing on prosthetic devices and brain to machine interfaces.

    • 2020: I worked on embedded software for medical devices for Butterfly Network in New York City. Butterfly Network is reinventing medical imaging and championing a new era of healthcare by creating the world’s first ultrasound-on-a-chip. This groundbreaking semiconductor technology replaces expensive and bulky Ultrasound carts with a pocket-sized, full-body scanning device.

    For more details, dowload my resume.